Find Fixed Asset Detail with Global Search Feature

Depre123 is a cloud based application to manage fixed assets and generate a variety of depreciation reports on any desktop or mobile device. Get all of your depreciation answers based on just 3 key values (cost, date, asset class) and then utilize the open design to add all necessary fixed asset detail.

Whether you manage hundreds or thousands of assets, finding the details about an individual or group of fixed assets can be a challenge. Depre123 is built on the Salesforce platform and includes a global search feature to quickly locate information in Depre123. Here are some tips for better searching:

1. Auto Suggestions

find-fixed-asset-detail-with-global-1Type a keyword into the search box and the system will respond with some auto suggestions. The suggestions are based on recent items that you have opened. You can select a suggested item of hit enter to search all records.

2. Minimum Characters

You have to enter at least three characters in your search to get a set of matching results. Less than three characters will result in “No matches found” as shown below:


A search with three of more characters will return valid results.


3. Wild Cards

If you are not sure of the exact spelling, you can use the asterisk wildcard character to find any items that start with a given string. For example, ex* would find any items that begin with the letters ex. As you can see below, the global search will look at assets, reports, accounts, asset classes and people.

find-fixed-asset-detail-with-global-44. Search Options

You can use search options to limit the results to only the items you own or match an exact phrase:


Use “exact phrase” when you want to search for a complete phrase with two or more words. By default search will look for all of the words in each record. So “Fixed Assets” will search for both words but not necessarily together. Selecting Exact phrase will search for the complete phrase together.

The search options make it very easy to find all matching fixed asset data stored in Depre123. You can then select any individual record to see all the associated fields and depreciation calculations.

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