Generate Depreciation Reports for Any Accounting Period

Some fixed asset software packages require a hard close at month end. This is a solid accounting principle that ensures the depreciation calculations will not change and they will match the uploaded General Ledger numbers. Unfortunately it can create limitations when attempting to run historical reports.

Bassets eDepreciation will generate a report for any accounting period, whether historical, current or future, at any time and in any sequence.  In one step, Bassets will calculate the correct depreciation while the report is being generated. You can use the current period control to set the tax year, period begin and period end:

This open ended design enables very flexible date options:

  • Current Period
  • Multiple Periods
  • Current Year
  • Multiple Years
  • Historical
  • Future

Most fixed asset software solutions will produce reports for a selected period, quarter or entire year. A better depreciation package also offers future projections and the ability to run reports for previous years. Are you able to generate depreciation reports for all requested time frames?

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