Manage Notes in Fixed Asset Software

Manage NotesThe management of fixed assets is a complex task for many organizations. If you are responsible for just a hand full of assets then it is easy to keep track of the associated information. As the number of assets grows to hundreds or thousands of records then a software solution is needed to record all of the asset properties, calculate depreciation, and attach images (purchase orders, invoices, etc.) and record all accompanying notes.

The notes on an asset record can include system generated messages, maintenance changes, additional detail or any other random information. This can sometimes consist of just a few lines or, in other instances, could be a whole page or more of notes. Viewing the notes on any individual asset is easily accomplished, but what if you want to view the notes for a group of assets? We recently received this question from one of our clients and enhanced Bassets eDepreciation to meet the request.

We added the Notes field to the Column Selection Form to allow Notes to be exported to Excel. Now notes can be selected just like any other asset property and displayed in the browse. To view all of the notes for the selected group, first export to Excel and then do some Excel formatting to improve the presentation:

  • Open the export spreadsheet in Excel
  • Ctrl-A to select all data
  • Home Tab, use “Wrap Text” to format the cells to see line breaks
  • Home Tab, Cells Group, open Format Options
  • Click AutoFit Row Height to adjust each row to display notes

All the notes will now display for each asset record. This is a much more flexible option then just a generic notes report since you can also export any other fields along with the notes. Once in Excel you are free to format the information for optimal presentation.

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More information about Bassets eDepreciation software can be found at While there you can set up a demonstration, download a free evaluation copy and get a personalized pricing estimate.