Split Fixed Asset Data to Separate Companies

Large organizations change over time and you need software that can adapt to these changes. As companies are acquired or sold, their fixed assets are typically tracked in different software packages. Bassets eDepreciation includes a multiple client feature that can handle an unlimited number of companies in a single database.

There are instances where fixed asset data can just be added to an existing database without much trouble, but there are many other times when the differences in the data can make this problematic. These differences can include:

  • Fiscal or calendar tax year end
  • General Ledger structure
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Standard or variable calendar (445 accounting)
  • Short years
  • Unique master lists for data entry

To handle any of these differences in a single client is simply not possible. By allowing multiple clients Bassets eDepreciation enables each company to configure options to best meet their fixed asset requirements.

IT departments also approve of a single solution to track all your fixed assets. This ensures a single installation for updates and maintenance. On the backend, a consolidated database simplifies backup operations.

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