Dynamic Summary of Current Accounting Period Depreciation Results

Bassets eDepreciation Management Home Page presents seven different views of the Capital Asset data as of the selected Current Period. The Current Period can be any accounting period(s) during the current tax year, prior tax year or future tax year.

Rather than sifting through many reports, the summary views present critical data in a very simple format. This combined with dynamic calculations allow for instant screen refresh for any single accounting period or group of periods. To view asset records behind any summary, just click to launch a detailed listing.

Dynamic Summary

The 7 Summary Views are:

  • Depreciation by schedule
  • Active – net book value greater than zero and current period depreciation
  • Fully Depreciated – net book value equal to zero at the end of period
  • Acquisitions – purchased during the selected Current Period
  • Sales – sold during the selected Current Period
  • Disposals – disposed during the selected Current Period
  • Transfers – transferred during the selected Current Period

Filters can be applied to view the totals for a smaller group of assets in a company’s hierarchy based on any combination of field properties. Additionally, columns and sorts definitions can be applied to impact the display when drilling into the asset detail. The Management Home Page in Basset eDepreciation can be a very useful tool to quickly view fixed asset and depreciation data at a high level. This allows an asset administrator to easily answer questions and provide the supporting detail.

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More information about Bassets eDepreciation software can be found at Bassets.net. While there you can set up a demonstration, download a free evaluation copy and get a personalized pricing estimate.