Set a Filter to Limit Fixed Asset Record Selection

Many large organizations own thousands of fixed assets that can be difficult to track and manage. An intelligent filtering capability can greatly simplify the selection of a subset of records for easier maintenance and reporting. Also the ability to define, save and retrieve filters will streamline normal monthly and annual depreciation processing.

Here is a sample filter form in Bassets eDepreciation:

Set a Filter to Limit

In the above sample, there are two filter conditions based on different asset properties. You can filter on things like location, vendor, dates and dollar amounts. You can “connect” several conditions to further refine your selection criteria.

The Field represents the data field to be used in the condition that is being created. The Operator is a list of comparison evaluators like equals, not equal to, greater than, less than, etc. The Value(s) contains one or more requested items. Each field is then compared against the value using the operator. Only assets that meet all of the criteria will be included in the results.

Filters are a very powerful tool for limiting the display to a selected group of asset records. These filters can be applied to summary views on the Basset eDepreciation Home Page. The same filter can then also be used to limit asset maintenance to a subset of records. Also filters can be easily applied to any report to limit the output by any combination of fields.

Filters can save many hours of work and reduce your costs by instantly displaying meaningful summary information about your depreciation calculations. Fixed asset managers can then spend more time monitoring financials and less managing large amounts of data by using filters to drill down into specific detail.

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