Track Changes to Fixed Assets with an Audit Trail

The life cycle of an asset goes from acquisition through disposal and during that time changes may be necessary. Changes can include a modification to any of the asset properties (owner, location, etc.) or adjustments to dollar amounts. When changes are made it is important to track changes so that you can answer any potential questions in the future.

An Audit Trail feature like the one show below in Bassets eDepreciation will provide all of the answers:

Track Changes 2

With User ID, Date and Time of the change, the following events are recorded:

  • Initial asset entry
  • Edit of an existing asset and what it was changed to during an Edit
  • Disposal and/or Un-Disposal of an asset
  • Transfer and/or Un-Transfer of an asset
  • Events like a mass recalculation

As you are evaluating fixed asset solutions be sure to look for this critical feature. An enhanced audit trail will easily let you know who, what and when behind all of your asset maintenance history. This can easily answer any question that may arise and ensure the accuracy of your fixed asset database.

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