The goal of Depreciation Guru is to build a knowledge base of information on depreciation & fixed assets.  Depreciation Guru is sponsored by Bassets Fixed Asset Software.

Bassets eDepreciation

Watch this 5 minute video to see how Bassets eDepreciation software presents critical data in a simple summary format. This video shows how the management homepage presents 7 summary views displaying counts and dollar amounts of any matching assets in each category. It also demonstrates our new dynamic calculations that allow for instant screen refresh of any single period or group of periods. You will also see how to view detail behind each of the summaries with our powerful drill down feature.  A filter function will allow you to limit the amount of detail you see and the results can be easily  exported to Excel for further analysis.

Over the last decade, Bassets has become a leader in the stand-alone fixed asset software market. We deliver superior products based upon the comments and needs of our customers combined with the latest programming technology and our close attention to detail.

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Depre123 is a new cloud based app that makes calculating depreciation easy with just 3 simple selections. Depre123 only needs Cost, Date and Class to run your calculation. By entering these 3 crucial values, Depre123 can provide all the answers.

Click on the 2 minute video above to see how the full application can manage hundreds or thousands of fixed asset records. Stop wasting time with complicated desktop software installation and inconsistent data entry of your fixed assets. Let Depre123 simplify your depreciation accounting. Or visit the app exchange listing to get more information, take a test drive or start a free trial of the application.

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More information about Bassets eDepreciation software can be found at Bassets.net or depre123.com. At Bassets register for our live webinar, download a free evaluation copy and get a personalized pricing estimate. At depre123 try out our Free Depreciation Calculator and check out our cloud based fixed assets application.

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  1. Sir i want to know that who introduced the word depreciation and in which year. Why he introduced the depreciation.
    Kindly help me. I need to know that for a project please.

  2. How can you sell your depreciation on your property to a someone who can benefit from it in reducing their taxes?

  3. Hello Andiswa,
    The asset manager would create a reversing journal entry to remove both the cost of the asset in the Asset General Ledger Account. Then a reversing journal entry to the Accumulated Depreciation Account to remove the “Life to date” depreciation that was incorrectly posted.

  4. I want to find out if can you write back accumulated depreciation when you incorrectly captured the asset twice in your register.

  5. What is the cost basis for an inherited asset which has been fully depreciated prior to inheritance? At the time of inheritance, a value was established by the IRS upon which inheritance tax was paid. Is this value the new cost basis or is the basis zero based upon the prior depreciation? Or possibly is the cost basis the amount of inheritance tax paid?

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